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Consumer Segments

Get your copy of the five behavioral Clean Label consumer segments, each with a unique outlook and opinion on Clean Label, based on Kerry's proprietary research.

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Ingredients, nutrition, and sustainability provide the architecture for defining Clean Labelproducts, which can include organic, natural, free from artificial ingredients and GMOs, low sugar, added functional ingredients, and sustainable manufacturing. The food and beverage industry needs a more granular view of consumer demands and priorities. Five consumer segments have emerged, differing by awareness, understanding, and importance of Clean Label; as well as demographics and psychographics.



Lifestyle Shoppers

“Eating clean is
an important part of my lifestyle.”


Wellness Watchers

“I don’t actively look for food trends, but I want to make better food choices.”

Label Seekers


“I already know
and trust my brand
to give me the best.”


Casual Investigators

“I can figure out what is nutritionally best for my health.”


Thrifty Traditionalists

“If anyone’s going to tell me what to eat, it’s my doctor.”

Early Adapters

Early Majority

Late Majority


Adoption Curve (%)

Consumer demand for Clean Label Products continues to grow

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We bring to the table our strong food heritage with 40 years, global insights, marketplace knowledge, culinary, and applications expertise and unique solutions that meet consumers’ needs. Kerry began as a dairy cooperative in Ireland, committed to producing real and wholesome ingredients. As we’ve grown, we continue to provide solutions that satisfy a fundamental need: to eat, to eat well, and to be healthy. Kerry’s focus on Taste & Nutrition combines our multi-sensory aroma and texture experience with in-depth knowledge of people, life stage, and daily nutritional needs. By partnering with Kerry, customers are taken on a journey to make food, beverage, and pharma products that people enjoy and feel better about.

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1Kerry Proprietary Clean Label Consumer Research – Beyond the Label, 2017

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